Animation 2.5.0, ButtonControls 1.8.1, EditControls 1.8.0, TrackBar 1.5.1

I’ve released new versions of Animation, ButtonControls, EditControls and TrackBar. All controls come with improved drawing code which fixes a couple of problems that could occur with version 6.0 of comctl32.dll.
You might wonder what happened to ButtonControls 1.8.0. Well, I released it yesterday and an hour later I had an idea how the drawing performance of the Frame control can be improved extremely while making it more robust against drawing issues at the same time. I could have canceled the release, but this would have produced some chaos in my source code repository.
EditControls 1.8.0 contains an interesting new VB6 sample project: A search box that looks and feels like the search box of Windows 7 Explorer. It also requires the ToolBarControls library and runs on Windows Vista/7 only with Aero Glass being activated – that’s the price for using modern API calls.

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