Animation 2.7.0, ButtonControls 1.10.0, Pager 1.2.0

I’ve released updates to a couple of controls. They add a new method called FinishOLEDragDrop.
If you display a message box from within the OLEDragDrop event, you’ll have noticed that the OLE drag image is still displayed while the message box is shown. This is because Microsoft suggests hiding the drag image only after starting the drop operation. Usually this isn’t a problem, because usually the drop operation is done asynchronously, so that it does not block the UI thread.
But as we all know asynchronous operations are difficult to implement with VB6. Therefore I’ve implemented FinishOLEDragDrop. It can be called from within the OLEDragDrop event (and only from there!) and will hide the OLE drag image. Of course this breaks the suggested order, and that’s why it is a separate, optional method and not executed by default.
I’ll update all controls, so expect more updates within the next days.

Animation 2.6.1, ButtonControls 1.9.0, ComboListBoxControls 1.4.0

It’s been a long time without any new release, but I have not been totally lazy.
While version 2.6.1 of the Animation control only fixes a small regression, the ButtonControls and ComboListBoxControls libraries have been extended by new features. The controls from the ButtonControls library now provide events for extended mouse button clicks. The ComboListBoxControls library controls also provide these new events as well as events for mouse wheel scrolling. Additionally I’ve fixed a bug that did lead to many mouse events being raised with wrong mouse coordinates and I’ve reactivated the data-binding capabilities.

Be aware that the events for the extended mouse buttons depend on the mouse driver configuration. So if they are not raised at all, this is more likely because of the mouse driver than because of potential bugs in the control library.

ButtonControls 1.8.9

I’ve released version 1.8.9 of the ButtonControls library. It has the data-binding capabilities re-enabled again. I had to disable them in version 1.8.7 earlier this year after a faulty Windows update. My thanks go to Dana Seaman who made me aware of a possible workaround.
You should register the control library with regsvr32, otherwise the workaround won’t become active.

ButtonControls 1.8.8, EditControls 1.8.5, LabelControls 1.0.4

I’ve released updates to the ButtonControls, EditControls and LabelControls libraries. The LabelControls update fixes a few bugs with the WindowlessLabel control. All three releases reduce the usage of GDI resources.