TrackBar 1.7.5

I’ve released version 1.7.5 of the TrackBar control. It slightly changes the event order (regarding the various change types) of the PositionChanging and PositionChanged events.

TrackBar 1.6.0

I’ve released a new version of the TrackBar control. It now has events for extended mouse button clicks and for mouse wheel scrolling. Additionally I’ve reactivated the data-binding capabilities. Be aware that the events for the extended mouse buttons depend on the mouse driver configuration. So if they are not raised at all, this is… Continue reading TrackBar 1.6.0

ProgressBar 2.4.2, StatusBar 1.3.3, TrackBar 1.5.2

I’ve released updates for the ProgressBar, StatusBar and TrackBar controls. ProgressBar and TrackBar no longer support data-binding. The reasons are the same as for the ComboListBoxControls library which I’ve released three days ago. All three releases also fix problems with the ResizedControlWindow event and Windows 8 now is officially supported.

Animation 2.5.0, ButtonControls 1.8.1, EditControls 1.8.0, TrackBar 1.5.1

I’ve released new versions of Animation, ButtonControls, EditControls and TrackBar. All controls come with improved drawing code which fixes a couple of problems that could occur with version 6.0 of comctl32.dll. You might wonder what happened to ButtonControls 1.8.0. Well, I released it yesterday and an hour later I had an idea how the drawing… Continue reading Animation 2.5.0, ButtonControls 1.8.1, EditControls 1.8.0, TrackBar 1.5.1

Many new releases

I’ve released the following controls: DateTimeControls 1.3.0 EditControls 1.7.0 ExplorerListView 1.3.0 ExplorerTreeView 2.2.0 TabStrip 1.5.0 TrackBar 1.5.0 The DateTimeControls, EditControls and the TrackBar control have got the new DetectDoubleClicks property. For some controls, for instance for the Calendar control, Windows does not detect double mouse clicks. I wanted to provide DblClick events, so I worked… Continue reading Many new releases