StatusBar 1.5.2, TabStrip 1.10.2, ToolBarControls 1.3.2, TrackBar 1.7.2

I’ve updated the StatusBar, TabStrip, ToolBarControls, and TrackBar control libraries to fix the memory leaks. Now all controls are up-to-date again.

2 responses to “StatusBar 1.5.2, TabStrip 1.10.2, ToolBarControls 1.3.2, TrackBar 1.7.2”

  1. I know I am just being dense but I can’t seem to get the text color to change in the CommandButton control. Changing the ForeColor setting does not appear to do anything to the text color and I can’t find another setting that will allow the text color to be changed. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

  2. The native button control does not seem to support a custom forecolor. Therefore the ForeColor property affects owner-drawn button controls only. This is also stated in the online help:

    If you know how to achieve a custom forecolor using sub-classing, please let me know. I never managed to make it work, at least not in a way that has no drawbacks.

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