Tag: TabStrip

  • StatusBar 1.5.2, TabStrip 1.10.2, ToolBarControls 1.3.2, TrackBar 1.7.2

    I’ve updated the StatusBar, TabStrip, ToolBarControls, and TrackBar control libraries to fix the memory leaks. Now all controls are up-to-date again.

  • TabStrip 1.10.1, ToolBarControls 1.3.1

    I’ve updated the TabStrip and ToolBarControls libraries to fix the drag’n’drop crashes.

  • LabelControls 1.2.0, StatusBar 1.5.0, TabStrip 1.10.0

    Today I’ve released updates to the LabelControls, StatusBar, and TabStrip libraries, introducing the FinishOLEDragDrop method.

  • ExplorerListView 1.6.2, TabStrip 1.9.0

    I’ve updated the ExplorerListView control and the TabStrip control. ExplorerListView 1.6.2 makes sub-item controls work on Windows 10 and fixes another minor bug that affected list view groups. TabStrip 1.9.0 introduces a new feature: Now it is possible to display the close button on certain tabs only.

  • TabStrip 1.8.0

    I’ve released an update of the TabStrip control. It now provides events for extended mouse button clicks. Be aware that the events for the extended mouse buttons depend on the mouse driver configuration. So if they are not raised at all, this is more likely because of the mouse driver than because of potential bugs…

  • TabStrip 1.7.0

    I’ve released version 1.7.0 of the TabStrip control. Now it is possible to display the close button only on the active tab instead of all tabs.

  • ComboListBoxControls 1.3.0, TabStrip 1.6.0

    I’ve released new versions of the ComboListBoxControls and the TabStrip library. I’ve improved the performance for item/tab insertion, removal and retrieval. For the TabStrip the importance of this change is low because tab strips usually contain only few tabs. But for the combo box and list box controls, we’re talking about improvements by factor 65.…

  • ButtonControls 1.8.5, TabStrip 1.5.2, ToolBarControls 1.1.1

    I’ve released updates to ButtonControls, TabStrip and ToolBarControls, fixing a couple of bugs. Additionally the TabStrip control now officially supports Windows 8.

  • TabStrip 1.5.1

    I’ve fixed a tiny, drag’n’drop related bug in the TabStrip control.

  • Many new releases

    I’ve released the following controls: DateTimeControls 1.3.0 EditControls 1.7.0 ExplorerListView 1.3.0 ExplorerTreeView 2.2.0 TabStrip 1.5.0 TrackBar 1.5.0 The DateTimeControls, EditControls and the TrackBar control have got the new DetectDoubleClicks property. For some controls, for instance for the Calendar control, Windows does not detect double mouse clicks. I wanted to provide DblClick events, so I worked…

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