ComboListBoxControls 1.2.5

I’ve released version 1.2.5 of the ComboListBoxControls library. It fixes a problem with the TextChanged event of the ComboBox control.
More important is the second change: I had to remove all data-binding capabilities. Lately several customers reported that they get an “Object library not registered” error when trying to add the control library to a new project. I could track this down to the data-binding attributes in the COM interface. As the usage of the attributes seemed to be correct and as these problems seem to be new, it’s likely that one of the recent Windows Updates introduced this incompatibility.
It has not been an easy decision to remove data-binding, but a working control is more important than a feature that surely makes things easier, but can be replaced by alternative implementations.

2 responses to “ComboListBoxControls 1.2.5”

  1. Microsoft broke registration for msdatsrc.tlb when they recently inlcluded IE10 in their updates for Win 7. Symptoms are “Object library not registered”.
    The solutions are:
    1. Uninstall IE10. Not recommended.
    2. Register with Admin privileges msdatsrc.tlb. It is located in Windows\System32 for 32-bit OS and Windows\SysWOW64 for 64-bit OS.

    cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
    regtlib msdatsrc.tlb

    BTW: This is not an issue on Windows 8 where Vb6 works OK.

    For more info see

  2. Hi Dana,

    Many many thanks for this hint. I’ll verify this solution and probably I’ll enable data-binding again.

    Best regards

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