Animation 2.6.1, ButtonControls 1.9.0, ComboListBoxControls 1.4.0

It’s been a long time without any new release, but I have not been totally lazy. While version 2.6.1 of the Animation control only fixes a small regression, the ButtonControls and ComboListBoxControls libraries have been extended by new features. The controls from the ButtonControls library now provide events for extended mouse button clicks. The ComboListBoxControls… Continue reading Animation 2.6.1, ButtonControls 1.9.0, ComboListBoxControls 1.4.0

ComboListBoxControls 1.3.0, TabStrip 1.6.0

I’ve released new versions of the ComboListBoxControls and the TabStrip library. I’ve improved the performance for item/tab insertion, removal and retrieval. For the TabStrip the importance of this change is low because tab strips usually contain only few tabs. But for the combo box and list box controls, we’re talking about improvements by factor 65.… Continue reading ComboListBoxControls 1.3.0, TabStrip 1.6.0

ComboListBoxControls 1.2.5

I’ve released version 1.2.5 of the ComboListBoxControls library. It fixes a problem with the TextChanged event of the ComboBox control. More important is the second change: I had to remove all data-binding capabilities. Lately several customers reported that they get an “Object library not registered” error when trying to add the control library to a… Continue reading ComboListBoxControls 1.2.5

ToolBarControls 1.0.3

I’ve released a new version of the ToolBarControls library. It works-around the problem that the background of stand-alone toolbars wasn’t drawn properly by default. This version also comes with a new VB6 sample which demonstrates how to build a breadcrumb bar like that in Windows Explorer. Here’s a screenshot of the sample: