ShellBrowserControls 1.2.0

Recently I’ve worked quite alot on ShellBrowserControls, and now it’s time to release all the improvements to the public.
Version 1.2.0 fixes a couple of bugs and mainly improves browsing of slow items (e.g. remote namespaces). Now info tips are retrieved asynchronously if the environment supports it, and the main thread no longer is hung while some background thread is working on a remote namespace.
However, in “Tiles” view mode there still is some blocking between background threads and main thread which I could not yet track down. Also Windows XP still seems to have some problems with blocking between threads. I have a theory that this is mainly caused by the way how thumbnail mode is implemented for Windows XP. Unfortunately I cannot really change this implementation.

Many thanks to Christian Lütgens for his suggestions and his great help with testing.