ComboListBoxControls 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1

I know that many of you are waiting for Unicode combo and list box controls. I had planned to release them around October 15th, but I had too many other things to do. Even today, the controls are not yet fully ready for release. They need much more testing, the sample projects are incomplete, and I’m thinking about one more feature (AutoUpdate) for the DriveComboBox control. But since I won’t be able to work on the controls in November (and maybe December), I’m releasing them now, tagged as release candidate. You can start using the controls, but shouldn’t be surprised if you come across bugs.

The control library contains a combo box control, a list box, an image combo box and a drive combo box. All controls support drag’n’drop, the list box also supports item tool tips. The combo box and list box support an owner draw mode, which e. g. can be used when displaying a list of all fonts installed on the system.

I won’t start working on new controls anytime soon. Instead I’ll concentrate on final releases of ExplorerListView 1.0 and ExplorerTreeView 2.0 (and of course ComboListBoxControls). And there’s also the ShellBrowserControls library, which is delayed due to some hard-to-solve show stoppers.

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