Tag: Windows 7

  • ProgressBar 2.4.0

    I’ve released version 2.4.0 of the ProgressBar control. It comes with a neat new feature: On Windows 7 it can display the progress in the application’s taskbar button.

  • Animation 2.2.0, ButtonControls 1.4.1, EditControls 1.4.0, StatusBar 1.2.0

    I’ve released updates of Animation, ButtonControls, EditControls and StatusBar. Animation, ButtonControls and StatusBar got the usual bugfixes. As for the controls released two weeks ago, I could lower the usage of GDI objects. Animation and StatusBar support Windows 7 now, too. EditControls got some new features. See the changelog for details.

  • DateTimeControls 1.0.1, ProgressBar 2.1.2, TabStrip 1.3.0, TrackBar 1.2.2

    I’ve released updates of DateTimeControls, ProgressBar, TabStrip and TrackBar. Nothing spectacular, mainly bugfixes. I could also lower the usage of GDI objects and make the binaries a bit smaller. ProgressBar and TrackBar support Windows 7 now, too. Both controls also got 1-2 new features. Actually, version numbers 2.2.0 and 1.3.0 would have fit better, but…

  • ButtonControls 1.4.0

    I’ve updated ButtonControls. I fixed the bug that changing the RightToLeft property did not always have an effect. OLE drag’n’drop has been improved, too. But the highlight of this release is the Frame control which redraws much faster now. Also this is the first release supporting Windows 7.

  • ExplorerListView gets some new features

    Thanks to Geoff Chappell, the next release of ExplorerListView will include several new features. Geoff has analyzed Windows Vista and he has found out that the native list view control of Vista has an undocumented COM interface. This interface can be used to do things like footer areas, subseted groups and groups in virtual mode.…

  • ExplorerListView 1.0.0 Beta 5

    Much later than planned I have released an update of ExplorerListView. The changelog is as long as a novel. Most changes are new features available on Windows Vista. No less important is the implementation of the interface for the upcoming ShellBrowser control. I’ve also fixed many bugs. Support for Windows 98, ME and NT4 has…

  • EditControls 1.3.3

    I’ve released a minor update of EditControls. Not much has changed. OLE drag’n’drop has been improved a bit and it is possible to set the Appearance property to “Default” now (HotKeyBox and IPAddressBox only). Also this is the first release supporting Windows 7.

  • TabStrip 1.2.1

    I’ve released version 1.2.1 of the TabStrip control. It’s a bugfix release, but also the first one that supports Windows 7.

  • DateTimeControls 1.0.0

    I’ve finished two new controls: A date-time picker and a calendar. If you’re tired of the no-themes-support of the corresponding controls from Microsoft, you should give the new controls a try. Of course they also support Unicode, drag’n’drop and so on. The controls are my hobby and I’ve not much spare time, so don’t expect…

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