ExplorerListView gets some new features

Thanks to Geoff Chappell, the next release of ExplorerListView will include several new features. Geoff has analyzed Windows Vista and he has found out that the native list view control of Vista has an undocumented COM interface. This interface can be used to do things like footer areas, subseted groups and groups in virtual mode. I’ve published an article on The Code Project about it.
Footer area support is already implemented and works fine on Windows Vista and 7 Beta 1 (I did not test 2008, but would be surprised if it wouldn’t work there). Subseted groups support is complete, too. It works on Vista (and probably 2008), but not yet on 7. Groups in virtual mode are working, too, but again on Vista and 2008 only.
Here’s a screenshot showing the footer area support: footerarea
Unfortunatly, to implement groups in virtual mode in a clean manner, I had to do some compatibility-breaking changes.

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