New section “Jobs”

Maybe you have already noticed the new section called “Jobs” which I have added today. The company that I work for has some vacancies, especially for VB6 developers. I have been told that we also accept freelancers. If you are interested, then you should have a look at the “Jobs” section.

Forum closed down next week

I will be away from July 29th to August 3rd. Over the last weeks, more and more spam came through the anti-spam protections of the forum. I don’t want the forum to drown in spam, so I’ve decided to shut it down while I’m away.

Zensursula 2.0

If you don’t like the video I posted on Monday, because you are a rocker, then maybe this one meets your taste.

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ExplorerListView gets some new features

Thanks to Geoff Chappell, the next release of ExplorerListView will include several new features. Geoff has analyzed Windows Vista and he has found out that the native list view control of Vista has an undocumented COM interface. This interface can be used to do things like footer areas, subseted groups and groups in virtual mode. I’ve published an article on The Code Project about it.
Footer area support is already implemented and works fine on Windows Vista and 7 Beta 1 (I did not test 2008, but would be surprised if it wouldn’t work there). Subseted groups support is complete, too. It works on Vista (and probably 2008), but not yet on 7. Groups in virtual mode are working, too, but again on Vista and 2008 only.
Here’s a screenshot showing the footer area support: footerarea
Unfortunatly, to implement groups in virtual mode in a clean manner, I had to do some compatibility-breaking changes.

Website relaunch

Today I’ve decided to finally do something I wanted to do for about one year: Relaunch the website with a fresh design.

You may have recognized WordPress and phpBB3. While importing data from the old forum to the new one was easy, the front page creates much work. One problem is that WordPress and phpBB3 have no adequate replacements for some of the features of the old phpBB2+. It will take some days before the new page is fully working.

Writing comments to the news should be possible with your forum account. Please let me know whether this is working. Maybe in the future I’ll find a solution to make it possible to use the bugtracker with the forum account, so you’ll need only one account to use all features of this website.

Please report any problems with the new site that you come across.