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  • Animation 2.3.0, ButtonControls 1.6.0, ComboListBoxControls 1.2.0, DateTimeControls 1.2.0, EditControls 1.6.0

    Happy new year to everyone! I have released new versions of some controls. I fixed several bugs, including crashes (which did not happen often though). I also migrated to Visual C++ 2010. Unfortunately this also means that Windows 2000 is not supported any longer, because the compiler doesn’t support it anymore.

  • DateTimeControls 1.1.3, StatusBar 1.2.3

    I have updated DateTimeControls and StatusBar. The StatusBar update fixes a crash that occured when the control tried to retrieve a pane’s tool tip text and this tool tip text has never been set. The crash was caused by a bug in comctl32.dll. The DateTimeControls update fixes a major bug and a minor one. The […]

  • DateTimeControls 1.1.2

    I have released version 1.1.2 of DateTimeControls. It fixes four bugs and adds a new property page for specifying Unicode texts at design time.

  • Animation 2.2.1, ButtonControls 1.4.3, ComboListBoxControls 1.1.0, DateTimeControls 1.1.1, EditControls 1.4.2

    Happy new year! I’ve released updates of Animation, ButtonControls, ComboListBoxControls, DateTimeControls and EditControls. The ComboListBoxControls update is a larger one and includes a new feature. The other updates contain minor fixes and tweaks only. I’ve also started to ship stripped debug symbol files (*.pdb) with the binaries. This will give you more detailed stack traces […]

  • DateTimeControls 1.1.0

    Here’s another update of DateTimeControls. I’ve added a new property “Value”. You may wonder why I did this, as there’s already the “CurrentDate” property. Well, “CurrentDate” is of type “Date”. This causes problems with data-binding if the table contains NULL values. Those NULL values should be handled as “no selection made”, i. e. the “DateSelected” […]

  • DateTimeControls 1.0.1, ProgressBar 2.1.2, TabStrip 1.3.0, TrackBar 1.2.2

    I’ve released updates of DateTimeControls, ProgressBar, TabStrip and TrackBar. Nothing spectacular, mainly bugfixes. I could also lower the usage of GDI objects and make the binaries a bit smaller. ProgressBar and TrackBar support Windows 7 now, too. Both controls also got 1-2 new features. Actually, version numbers 2.2.0 and 1.3.0 would have fit better, but […]

  • DateTimeControls 1.0.0

    I’ve finished two new controls: A date-time picker and a calendar. If you’re tired of the no-themes-support of the corresponding controls from Microsoft, you should give the new controls a try. Of course they also support Unicode, drag’n’drop and so on. The controls are my hobby and I’ve not much spare time, so don’t expect […]

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