DateTimeControls 1.1.0

Here’s another update of DateTimeControls. I’ve added a new property “Value”. You may wonder why I did this, as there’s already the “CurrentDate” property. Well, “CurrentDate” is of type “Date”. This causes problems with data-binding if the table contains NULL values. Those NULL values should be handled as “no selection made”, i. e. the “DateSelected” property should be set to “False” on such a NULL value. However, you would need to bind 2 properties for 1 column. I doubt this is possible.
I could have changed the type of “CurrentDate” to “Variant” and change its implementation so that setting this property to a NULL value is handled as if “DateSelected” was being set to “False”. But this would have broken binary compatibility. Therefore I introduced a new property that combines “CurrentDate” and “DateSelected”.