ButtonControls 1.4.0

I’ve updated ButtonControls. I fixed the bug that changing the RightToLeft property did not always have an effect. OLE drag’n’drop has been improved, too. But the highlight of this release is the Frame control which redraws much faster now. Also this is the first release supporting Windows 7.

ExplorerListView 1.0.0 Beta 5

Much later than planned I have released an update of ExplorerListView. The changelog is as long as a novel. Most changes are new features available on Windows Vista. No less important is the implementation of the interface for the upcoming ShellBrowser control. I’ve also fixed many bugs. Support for Windows 98, ME and NT4 has… Continue reading ExplorerListView 1.0.0 Beta 5

TabStrip 1.2.1

I’ve released version 1.2.1 of the TabStrip control. It’s a bugfix release, but also the first one that supports Windows 7.

DateTimeControls 1.0.0

I’ve finished two new controls: A date-time picker and a calendar. If you’re tired of the no-themes-support of the corresponding controls from Microsoft, you should give the new controls a try. Of course they also support Unicode, drag’n’drop and so on. The controls are my hobby and I’ve not much spare time, so don’t expect… Continue reading DateTimeControls 1.0.0

EditControls 1.3.2

EditControls has had another bug. The MultiLine property of the TextBox control could not be changed after control window creation – or better: the change had no effect. The control now destroys and recreates itself if this property is changed.

EditControls 1.3.1

Two bugs have been found in EditControls 1.3.0. If you put a TextBox (or any other of the controls) onto a VB6 UserControl and put several instances of this UserControl onto a VB6 Form, you could set focus to the TextBox controls by pressing the TAB key, but once the TextBox had the focus, pressing… Continue reading EditControls 1.3.1

ExplorerTreeView 2.0.0 RC1

The last release of ExplorerTreeView 2.0 was Beta 4 and it was 3 years ago!! Time for an update, I guess. So here’s the first release candidate of 2.0. The changelog is long – very long. The biggest changes are the Vista support and the interface for the upcoming ShellBrowser control. There are also some… Continue reading ExplorerTreeView 2.0.0 RC1

EditControls 1.3.0, ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1

Here are three more releases. EditControls 1.3.0 brings some new features for the TextBox, namely the read-only properties LastVisibleLine, LineHeight and TextLength. There’s also a new VB6 sample which demonstrates how to display line numbers. It’s not perfect, but a point to start from. ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1 are bugfix releases. The drop of… Continue reading EditControls 1.3.0, ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1