ShellBrowserControls 1.4.0

I’ve released yet another update of the ShellBrowserControls library. Version 1.4.0 is a pure feature release. I’ve implemented a way to easily persist column widths, column order, sorting settings and other column-related settings across different namespaces.
For instance, if you are in folder A and hide the Size column and make the Comment column visible instead, resize the Name column to 500 pixels and sort by date in descending order, then ShellListView would forget all these customizations as soon as you open folder B. With version 1.4.0 these things can be persisted, so that folder B will inherit the column and sorting settings from folder A.
This feature works as long as you don’t switch to a namespace that is totally different than the current one. For instance, if you switch from folder A to “My Computer”, “My Computer” will be opened with the shell’s default settings, because the columns available in “My Computer” don’t match those of folder A.

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