ExplorerListView 1.4.0, StatusBar 1.3.2

I’ve released versions 1.4.0 of ExplorerListView and 1.3.2 of StatusBar. ExplorerListView has been extended with a couple of new events that are raised if a group has been collapsed/expanded, if a group has gained or lost the keyboard focus and if the selection state of a group has changed.
The StatusBar control has been fixed so that it no longer raises the Validate event of the currently focused control if the StatusBar is double-clicked.

7 responses to “ExplorerListView 1.4.0, StatusBar 1.3.2”

  1. pls recheck statusbar…when program run after about 1 hours error (not error but…like icon gone and form idont know what happen) when i yous ucstatusbar is only icon gone

  2. Hi,

    your description indicates a memory leak. Can you confirm that the number of GDI handles is increasing constantly? You can check this with the Windows task manager.
    Would it be possible for you to provide a sample project that exhibits the problem? I’ve checked the sourcecode of the StatusBar control and I’ve been observing the Alignment sample using Sysinternals Process Explorer. So far I could not find any resource leak.


  3. After I read your comment. I tried to run the sample code contained in the installer. and after I try there is no problem at all. I thought maybe my code is wrong. sorry i have posted here. thank you very much 🙂

  4. Could it be that you have placed the control inside a form that you load and unload frequently? And could it be that you load the icons for the status bar each time you open that form and that you never destroy these icons?

  5. Well, the problem is quite simple: ImageList_GetIcon creates an icon (on each call!), but you never destroy this icon. The documentation for ImageList_GetIcon contains this sentence:
    “It is the responsibility of the calling application to destroy the icon returned from this function using the DestroyIcon function.”
    The documentation for the StatusBar’s hIcon property contains this sentence: “The previous icon does NOT get auto-destroyed.”

    Regarding the registration: 42 only is the default value and 426 is the second number. 😉

  6. Thank you so much for your explanation. now my problem can be resolved.

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