I have released Galba, a … … no, not a new ActiveX control. 😉 Galba is a very simple CD/DVD/HD-DVD/BluRay writing software which uses the disc-writing capabilities of Windows. I have written it in October 2009, after I had finished my studies and before I got my job. Christian Lütgens needed an alternative to the Nero COM component for usage in his software DateiCommander, because starting with Nero 9 this COM component isn’t available anymore. Also it sucks to require your customers to install a bloatware like Nero just to be able to write files to a DVD. Christian asked me for help and since he is a very good tester of my ActiveX controls, I wrote Galba for him. A few weeks ago, I came across this project on my hard disk and asked myself why not publish it on my website under the LGPL license? So I did.

I don’t plan to implement anything new into Galba. If I find time and am motivated, I will fix bugs and implement small improvements. Feel free to download the code and improve it. Feel free to send me patches. If they are of good quality, I will integrate them.