Tag: ShellTreeView

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.4.3

    I’ve released a new version of the ShellBrowserControls library. It fixes two nasty bugs in the ShellTreeView control. An update is recommended.

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.4.2

    I’ve released a new version of the ShellBrowserControls library. It fixes crashes on Windows 8, so an update is recommended.

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.4.1

    Happy new year to everyone! I’ve released an update of the ShellBrowserControls library. It has some improvements to auto update, but I think more important is the support for Windows 8. The previous version crashed on Windows 8 if thumbnail mode has been activated.

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.4.0

    I’ve released yet another update of the ShellBrowserControls library. Version 1.4.0 is a pure feature release. I’ve implemented a way to easily persist column widths, column order, sorting settings and other column-related settings across different namespaces. For instance, if you are in folder A and hide the Size column and make the Comment column visible…

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.3.1

    I’ve released version 1.3.1 of the ShellBrowserControls library. It’s half bugfix release and half feature release. The bugfixes include auto-update and context menu improvements. The new features are a) usage of the new capabilities of ExplorerTreeView 2.2.2 and b) three properties of the ShellListViewColumn class that now can be written and no longer are read-only.

  • ExplorerListView 1.5.0, ShellBrowserControls 1.3.0

    I’ve released new versions of ExplorerListView and the ShellBrowserControls library. They come with a new feature called sub-item controls. It is an undocumented list view feature, that Windows Explorer uses to display the seizure of drives and the rating of media files. Now ShellListView can also use this feature. If you use ExplorerListView as a…

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.2.2

    I’ve released version 1.2.2 of the ShellBrowserControls library. It fixes a crash in the ShellListView control that occurred when the built-in column-selection dialog was opened while the list view control contained custom (i.e. non-shell) columns.

  • ComboListBoxControls 1.2.2, ExplorerListView 1.3.2, ShellBrowserControls 1.2.1

    I’ve released a couple of updates. ComboListBoxControls 1.2.2 fixes an important bug in the DriveComboBox control which did not display network drives that are currently not available. ExplorerListView 1.3.2 fixes the methods for finding items, which did not work on Windows Vista and newer. ShellBrowserControls 1.2.1 is the largest update today. It fixes several bugs,…

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.2.0

    Recently I’ve worked quite alot on ShellBrowserControls, and now it’s time to release all the improvements to the public. Version 1.2.0 fixes a couple of bugs and mainly improves browsing of slow items (e.g. remote namespaces). Now info tips are retrieved asynchronously if the environment supports it, and the main thread no longer is hung…

  • ShellBrowserControls 1.1.0, StatusBar 1.3.1, TabStrip 1.4.1, TrackBar 1.4.1

    I’ve released the remaining updates. ShellBrowserControls has been ported to Visual C++ 2010 (no support for Windows 2000 anymore, sorry). The other releases are bugfix releases.

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