Pager 1.2.1, StatusBar 1.5.1

I’ve updated the Pager and StatusBar controls to fix the drag’n’drop crashes.

2 responses to “Pager 1.2.1, StatusBar 1.5.1”

  1. I am wondering if your controls will work in VBA as well as VB6. If they can urn in VBA, is it possible to recompile these so that you have 64-bit versions in additino to the 32-bit versions. The reason I ask is that Microsoft Office VBA now comes in 32 and 64-bit versions.

  2. Recompiling the controls for 64 bit should be very simple. I pay attention to not write code that wouldn’t run on x64.
    To be honest I have no idea how well the controls will work in VBA. Personally I switched to OpenOffice/LibreOffice about 15 years ago, so I don’t own any MS Office license and actually I don’t miss it at all. In the office I have MS Office 2010, so I may do some tests there. But unfortunately it is the 32 bit version.
    So if you tell me, which controls you are most interested in, I can do some basic tests with Office 2010 and if they work well, I can compile a x64 version for you which you would have to test.

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