EditControls 1.3.2

EditControls has had another bug. The MultiLine property of the TextBox control could not be changed after control window creation – or better: the change had no effect. The control now destroys and recreates itself if this property is changed.

EditControls 1.3.1

Two bugs have been found in EditControls 1.3.0. If you put a TextBox (or any other of the controls) onto a VB6 UserControl and put several instances of this UserControl onto a VB6 Form, you could set focus to the TextBox controls by pressing the TAB key, but once the TextBox had the focus, pressing the TAB key didn’t move the focus to the next control.

The other bug had to do with Aero drag images and occured on Windows x64 only. If you dragged data from a 64 bit application over the controls (which are 32 bit), the drop description of the Aero drag image didn’t reflect the current drop effect. Everything worked fine if the drag source was 32 bit, too.

Version 1.3.1 fixes both bugs.

EditControls 1.3.0, ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1

Here are three more releases. EditControls 1.3.0 brings some new features for the TextBox, namely the read-only properties LastVisibleLine, LineHeight and TextLength. There’s also a new VB6 sample which demonstrates how to display line numbers. It’s not perfect, but a point to start from.

ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1 are bugfix releases.

The drop of support for Windows 98, ME and NT 4.0 that I mentioned in the last news, applies to these releases, too.