DateTimeControls 1.0.1, ProgressBar 2.1.2, TabStrip 1.3.0, TrackBar 1.2.2

I’ve released updates of DateTimeControls, ProgressBar, TabStrip and TrackBar. Nothing spectacular, mainly bugfixes. I could also lower the usage of GDI objects and make the binaries a bit smaller.

ProgressBar and TrackBar support Windows 7 now, too. Both controls also got 1-2 new features. Actually, version numbers 2.2.0 and 1.3.0 would have fit better, but this awareness comes a bit too late…

TabStrip also has got a new feature. Using the OLEDragImageStyle property, you can choose between Aero style OLE drag-images and classic OLE drag-images. If the system supports only classic ones, then of course those will be used even if the control is configured to produce Aero drag images. And of course all this applies only if you let the control create the drag-image instead of doing it yourself.

EditControls 1.3.0, ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1

Here are three more releases. EditControls 1.3.0 brings some new features for the TextBox, namely the read-only properties LastVisibleLine, LineHeight and TextLength. There’s also a new VB6 sample which demonstrates how to display line numbers. It’s not perfect, but a point to start from.

ProgressBar 2.1.1 and StatusBar 1.1.1 are bugfix releases.

The drop of support for Windows 98, ME and NT 4.0 that I mentioned in the last news, applies to these releases, too.