EditControls 1.9.0, ExplorerListView 1.6.0, ExplorerTreeView 2.5.0

Happy new year to everyone!

I’ve released updates for the EditControls, ExplorerListView, and ExplorerTreeView ActiveX control libraries. They come with new events for mouse wheel rotation and extended mouse button clicks. I’ve also restored data-binding capabilities and fixed a tiny GDI resource leak.

Be aware that the events for the extended mouse buttons depend on the mouse driver configuration. So if they are not raised at all, this is more likely because of the mouse driver than because of potential bugs in the control libraries.

ExplorerListView 1.5.3, ExplorerTreeView 2.4.0, ShellBrowserControls 1.4.4

I’ve released updates for the ExplorerListView, ExplorerTreeView, and ShellBrowserControls libraries. ExplorerListView 1.5.3 improves the performance, especially if the control is used together with the ShellListView control. ExplorerTreeView 2.4.0 adds a new possibility to identify tree view items and slightly improves performance if the control is used together with the ShellTreeView control. The ShellBrowserControls library fixes a couple of bugs and improves performance, especially for the ShellListView control in thumbnails mode.

ExplorerTreeView 2.3.0

I’ve released version 2.3.0 of ExplorerTreeView. It fixes a bug with the ResizedControlWindow event and introduces a new feature called RichToolTips. Rich tool tips are tool tips for truncated items that include the item’s icon. Windows Vista and newer use this feature in Windows Explorer.
Additionally, ExplorerTreeView now officially supports Windows 8.

ExplorerTreeView 2.2.2

I’ve released a new version of ExplorerTreeView. It fixes a bug in the ITreeViewItems::Add method and includes a new feature: When inserting items, it no longer is necessary to tell the control whether the item should be displayed with an expando (“+”/”-” button). Instead you can let the control decide this. The control will display an expando as soon as the item gets a sub-item (and remove it when the last sub-item gets removed).
Unfortunately this feature requires version 6 of comctl32.dll, i.e. you need to specify a manifest file for your application. The reason for this limitation is that the feature relies on a feature of the native list view control of Microsoft Windows and the native list view doesn’t provide this feature in older versions.