ButtonControls 1.4.0

I’ve updated ButtonControls. I fixed the bug that changing the RightToLeft property did not always have an effect. OLE drag’n’drop has been improved, too. But the highlight of this release is the Frame control which redraws much faster now. Also this is the first release supporting Windows 7.

Animation 2.1.1, ButtonControls 1.3.1

While updating the website, I’m also uploading new versions of my controls. The first ones are Animation 2.1.1 and ButtonControls 1.3.1 – two bugfix releases. I’ve dropped support for Windows 98, ME and NT 4.0 because I’ve upgraded to Visual C++ 2008 and the new compiler doesn’t support these systems anymore. If someday I have… Continue reading Animation 2.1.1, ButtonControls 1.3.1