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Autofill or Dock

Post by Mex »

Hi, its me... again :D

Maybe you know a better solution for the following problem.
Let's say I have a TabStrip and a Frame control on it.
Currently i'm calculating Frame's height and with in form_resize event, to fill frame to TabStrip.
Sometimes I want to use TabStrip Align property (Align-Top) and now we have a problem, because I can't use TabStrip Width,Height propery in form_resize because value is changed after the event is completed.

One way is to the calculations also in Form_Paint, but is this a good idea?

Maybe there is any other good solution, how "dock" frame automatically on tabstrip, when parents align property is used?
Or maybe you can add a Dock property like in .NET and the user can just select Fill :D

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Re: Autofill or Dock

Post by TiKu »

You could use the TabStrip's ResizedControlWindow event. It should be fired at the correct time.

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