Dependencies of dtctlsu.ocx

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Dependencies of dtctlsu.ocx

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I just tried registering DTCtlsU.ocx on a clean XP home computer (SP1), and it failed ("regsvr32 exited with error code 0x3").
Could that be because a dependency is missing?
This error was given out by Inno Setup.

If I try to register the file manually by double clicking it and selecting regsvr32 as the program to open it, it tells me "LoadLibrary("PathToTheOcxFile.exe") failed. The given procedure was not found."

On all my other testing machines it works fine.

Thank you.
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Re: Dependencies of dtctlsu.ocx

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You could use Dependency Walker to check for missing dependencies. This program also has a profiling feature which will tell you exactly what is wrong.

But you should be aware that Windows XP SP1 isn't supported anymore and it might be that binaries built with Visual C++ 2010 simply don't run on Windows XP SP1 anymore.
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