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Can you suggest something to me regarding a label?

Posted: 28 Feb 2009, 00:11
by TickTick
Hello Timo!
Could you suggest something to me?
I was in desperate need of a Unicode & RTL-capable label, but my own attempts were all bad, and I nowhere found any good hint on how to do it. I know I need to either blit the background which is under my control on my control and do the painting there, or I have to paint directly to the container. But both got me into more trouble than I could handle.
Then I thought: "Okay, now sh*t on it, my label will just have an opaque background", but this will get me into graphics trouble with your gradient containers. I already tried the weirdest things with your button controls in order to emulate a label, but I didn't get anywhere near to "acceptable".
Could you give me a suggestion? I'd appreciate it very much.