You are an experienced VB6 developer? You are familar with Microsoft SQL Server? You also know C#/.net? You are seeking for a job near Munich? Perfect!
I work for COMPESO GmbH. We do software for cinema business and we have a couple of interesting vacancies, also for non-developers.

Interested? Then have a look at the details.

2 thoughts on “Jobs”

  1. Will consider freelance work. I am fairly well-known amongst VB communities in the U.S. If you google: LaVolpe VB, you will probably find 1000’s of hits. If you actually look at any of the code I’ve posted, it spans 10+ years, so you’ll get a mix of no-so-advanced to advanced projects. I have found that other sites like Experts-Exchange reference my work from time to time, as do other code sites. Freelancing helps rejuvenate my motivation. Sorry, I do not speak any other languages except English.

  2. Hello Keith,

    I guess you live in the U.S.? This could become a problem as we’re based in Germany and we like to meet people in real-life before contracting them. But I think you should give it a try nevertheless.
    Send me a mail (info (at) if you’re interested and I’ll establish contact with my boss.


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