Tooltips distort z-order of forms

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Tooltips distort z-order of forms

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Hi Timo!
I was using your tooltip-class in my vb6 application. I thought it worked fine, but then i saw a strange behavior of forms carrying controls with tooltips.
Here's what happens: my app opens a main window where you can select different tables, each of them shown in a nonmodal form.
To edit records of the tables, I open a modal form by selection a record from a table via doubleclick or command.
The nonmodal form with the table is in front of the other tables and the modal form to edit the record is in front of the selected table.
Tooltips on controls of the open editform are displayed correctly.

When I close the editform and set the tooltips to nothing in the unload event, the z-order of the remaining nonmodal forms gets in disorder meaning: another form or even the main form pops in the foreground and back in place before the form with the originally selected record pops in the foreground again.
This happens only when there are tooltips on the edit form and then set to nothing - if I comment out that line of code (having them not set to nothing!) or there are no tooltips created, no effect occurs.

Do you have any suggestions?

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