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First use

Post by jpa »

Can i use the toolbarcontrols with access 2010?
Have i make an reference in vba?
Is there somewhere a little example file in vba?
Is it necessarly to registred the ocx-file or is it sufficiant to have the ocx-file in the same path than the accdb-file?

thanx 4 responding
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Re: First use

Post by TiKu »

I don't own a license of Microsoft Office and therefore cannot test my controls with it and cannot provide VBA sample projects.
At my working place I have MS Office 2010, but without Access. Some time ago I used it to test some of my controls (only a very short test) and they worked. However, MS Access is a different beast. You're not the first one who tries to use my controls with MS Access. From other users' feedback I know that my controls do not really work in MS Access. As far as I remember they can be placed on Forms and so on, but overall they are not usable, because events are not working and similar problems.

The ocx files probably have to be registered.
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