ExplorerTreeView 2.5.2, ShellBrowserControls 1.5.2

I’ve released updates to ExplorerTreeView and the ShellBrowserControls library. Many bugs have been fixes in the ShellBrowserControls library and support for non-shell items has been improved. If you want to make use of all of these improvements, you’ll also need the update of ExplorerTreeView.

EditControls 1.9.2

I’ve released an update to the EditControls library. It fixes a drawing issue with the TextBox control that could occur on Windows Vista and newer, if the TextBox control was themed, read-only, multi-line, and located inside a Frame or TabStrip control. In this combination, it could happen that the text vanished when moving the mouse cursor over the TextBox control.

ToolBarControls 1.2.3

It turned out that the last update to the ToolBarControls library indeed fixed a crash, but worsened overall support for aligning the controls within the Form. So here is another update that makes the controls’ Alignment property behave more like what VB6 programmers are used to from other controls.